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Kerr Number:  K5861
Comments:  Plate probably from Campeche or Yucatán. A series of calendar rounds. may have refernce to "Burner Days". From John Justeson; There are 11 pairs of glyphs. The first 10 pairs consist of a numeral flanking a sign for one of the 20 veintena names. The signs for the veintena names are in their normal sequence, but starting with 'ik', the second day, rather than 'imix, the first day. The numerals seem to be trecena positions, as expected, since they fall between 1 and 13, but they are not in sequence at all (usually the members of the pair share the same trecena position, or are off by one). How the numerals are to be associated with the veintena glyphs is not always clear, as they are somewhat offset. The last pair of glyphs do not resemble known veintena signs, and they don't agree with any of the preceding 20, but they too have numerals attached which are also made to look like trecena coefficients (13 and 7).

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