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Kerr Number:  791
Vase Type:  Polychrome
Figure Count:  9
Height:  20 cm
Diameter:  16 cm
Circumference:  50 cm
MS Number:  
Owner:  The Princeton Art Museum, Princeton, NJ PUAM# y1993-17
School:  Altar
Publications:  Maya Book of the Dead Fig 22a.
Calender Round:  
Site:  IK
Comments:  My Interpretation: The Hero Twins as ways performing in different guises along with Water lily jaguar, God A and eagle. Date painted is 4Ix 12 Kumk'u or Jan, 18, 755  CLICK for the shape of the vessel.
Iconographic Elements:  Birds, Blood, Conch shell, Dog, canine, Emblem glyph, God A, generally skeletal, Hand stone, tri-lobe, Inscription - other text, Jaguar, Water lily Jaguar, Musicians, Penis perforator, Twins - Hunahpú & Xbalanqué, Vision Serpent, Way, alter ego, nagual, Primary Standard Sequence, Snake

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Photographs © Justin Kerr
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Added 1998-06-09

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