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Kerr Number:  511
Vase Type:  Codex Style
Figure Count:  9
Height:  22 cm
Diameter:  16.3 cm
Circumference:  47 cm
MS Number:  1404
Owner:  Princeton Art Museum Princeton NJ PUAM# y1975-17
School:  Princeton
Publications:  The Maya Scribe, His Art and World,The Lords of the Underworld;Painting the Maya Universe,p.39; Maya Book of the Dead
Calender Round:  8 Caban 5 Ceh
Comments:  The Princeton Vase. The court of the other world with God L and the Twins as magicians, Supernatural Palace  CLICK for the shape of the vessel and God L's WAY
Iconographic Elements:  Ah K'hun, orator, Female, Axe, Codex - book, Curtains, in palace scenes, God L, Inscription - other text, Jaguar, Water lily Jaguar, Mirror, Prisoners or captives, Rabbit, Sacrifice, Scribes, artists, carvers, Twins - Hunahpú & Xbalanqué, Primary Standard Sequence, Ink or paint container, Sabak Kuch, Throne

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Photograph by Justin Kerr
Added 2000-02-28

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