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Kerr Number:  6547
Vase Type:  Incised
Figure Count:  11
Height:  12.9 cm
Diameter:  17.3 cm
Circumference:  48 cm
MS Number:  
Owner:  Museum für Volkerkunde Berlin Germany
Publications:  The Maya Vase Book, Volume 6 p.972
Calender Round:  
Comments:  A burial scene where the deceased is tied with knots and persons mourn. In the second scene the deceased is shown growing as a tree with members of his family. The text suggests the Itza family was in the Peten in the Early Classic  CLICK for the shape of the vessel
Iconographic Elements:  Female, Inscription - other text, Monkey, Ruler, king, cacique, governor, potentate, Tree

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Photograph by Justin Kerr
Added 1998-03-05

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