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Kerr Number:  3247
Vase Type:  Polychrome
Figure Count:  7
Height:  26 cm
Diameter:  14.2 cm
Circumference:  45.6 cm
MS Number:  0
Publications:  The Maya Vase Book Vol.3 p.397
Calender Round:  
Comments:  A dance scene where an attendant makes a burnt offering. A principal with jaguar headdress holds 2 dance scepters. See pages 86-87 in Art of the Maya Scribe. M. Coe/J. Kerr for an example of this object.  
Iconographic Elements:  Conch shell, Emblem glyph, Fire, Inscription - other text, Jaguar, Water lily Jaguar, Musicians, Ruler, king, cacique, governor, potentate, Offering to humans or gods, Drum

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Photograph by Justin Kerr
Added 1999-05-07

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