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Kerr Number:  1398
Vase Type:  Codex Style
Figure Count:  4
Height:  26 cm
Diameter:  13.8 cm
Circumference:  46 cm
MS Number:  0
Calender Round:  
Site:  Naranjo
Comments:  A vase from the Naranjo area with God L asking for his clothes from Rabbit and Hunahp˙ as Sun God.This is one of three vases in the corpus that describe this mythological incident. K1560 shows the Maize God as the tormentor of the gods with a dwarf as the holder of God l's power hat and staff. K5166 has the Moon Goddess holding the rabbit before a cringing God L and a group of deities. In a unrelated scene,K4999 a stucco vase shows a dwarf in one panle and the rabbit in the other in what looks like a subsitution.   
Iconographic Elements:  Deer, Emblem glyph, God L, Inscription - other text, Rabbit, Primary Standard Sequence, Throne, Snake

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Photograph by Justin Kerr
Added 1998-06-10

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