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Kerr Number:  1892
Vase Type:  Codex Style
Figure Count:  3
Height:  0
Diameter:  0
Circumference:  0
MS Number:  1840
Owner:  Museum of Fine Arts Boston MA. Museum no. 1993.565
School:  Princeton
Publications:  Rob 81
Calender Round:  
Comments:   Resurrection Plate. The Maize God (Hun Nal Ye) is resurrected by his sons Hun Ahaj and Yax Balam See  
Iconographic Elements:  Conch shell, Inscription - other text, Toad, Twins - Hunahpú & Xbalanqué, Maize God, Hun Hunahpu, Hun Nal Ye, Primary Standard Sequence

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Photograph by Justin Kerr
Added 1998-06-05

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