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Kerr Number:  555
Vase Type:  Polychrome
Figure Count:  8
Height:  17.7 cm
Diameter:  13.8 cm
Circumference:  43.3 cm
MS Number:  0
Publications:  Coe 78 The Lords of the Underworld
Calender Round:  
Comments:  A scene with parts of the Popol Vuh illustrated (left to right) Chak has torn the lower jaws of otherworld critters. Dog appeals to Itzamná to be rejoined. Hun Aphu shoots his blowgun at Ta Hol, the Vulture. This incident is not related in the Quiche version.  
Iconographic Elements:  Axe, Birds, Blowgun, Blood, Deer, Dog, canine, Inscription - other text, Owls, Twins - Hunahpú & Xbalanqué, Primary Standard Sequence, Chak, Chac, Rain God, Throne

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Photographs © Justin Kerr
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Added 1998-06-04

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